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When you purchase, you will only receive the product key. CD Installer, Manual and Box are not shipped. Who need those anyway? You can simply download the latest version of the software and read its corresponding manuals and documentations from its official download link we will provide with the instructions.

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It is always best to inform us ahead of time if you are planning to purchase in bulk. That way, we can plan ahead, prepare your order and issue all product keys instantly after we received the proof of payment.

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FAQ for Office 365 for 5 PC, Mac and Smartphone

Account information cannot be modified or associated with an existing account, services are associated with the account provided and cannot be transferred.
As described in the article details this is not an activation key, it is not an activation license for an existing product, it is not used to renew an already installed product, as described you would have to uninstall any office package and download and install from the user account.
It is a user account with which you can access online to Office 365 at https://portal.office.com and offline installation as well, from the user panel you can download as many times as you need the installation on up to 5 devices (pc, android, ipad…) and you can see and manage the active installations from the user panel, so you can remove invalid installations and recover your installations.
No, as described is a new access account where are associated services that are purchased.
The installation allows to install in several languages, sure that your language is, when choosing the installation allows you to choose your language.
The license term is 2 years from the date of purchase.
No, it is an account for Office 365 not email, for that you already have your account.

Immediately after payment, an mail with username/password will be sent to your email!
So please enter correct email address.



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